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Ensuring that covenants are complied with

Covenants are generally designed for the benefit of all residents and can be divided into two main types - those that relate to the upkeep of the building/estate and those that enable residents to enjoy peaceful possession and beneficial occupation of their home. Covenants are mutually beneficial as when they are breached they normally either result in unnecessary costs or some form of dispute between neighbours. Neither form of breach is in the interests of the residents so it is in all party’s interests that such breaches are kept to a minimum.

In the real world, breaches do occur from time to time and it is our aim as managing agent that these are resolved in a timely and amicable manner. We seek to achieve this by building up a constructive relationship with all our owners and tenants at all times, not just when there are difficult issues to discuss. In that way we consider that we are in a position of influence at the appropriate time.

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